4 Person Scramble, Best Ball Competition

Details of Play

Each team must use two drives from each player during the round.   In the event a group plays with fewer then 4 the same rules apply, but a substitute player can play a fourth ball at each interval.

After each team member hits their ball, all team members will pick up their ball and move to the selected location.  Each team member shall play from this position placing their ball within one club length of the selected ball, but no nearer the hole. If the ball has rested in a hazard the ball must be played from the hazard, however relief from the rough or the apron can be achieved as long as the movement is within one club length and is no closer to the hole. The lie of the "play ball" may be improved (lift, clean and place).  On the green, a marker is placed immediately adjacent the "play ball" and all other balls are putted from that position.

Play USGA rules and observe lateral hazards and appropriate drop areas. View USGA Rules Site

All Ties will be broken by comparing the scores beginning on the #1 handicap hole and progressing onto the #18 handicap hole.

Special Interest Holes:

  • Tiger Woods Drive: Hole #6 ($20.00 for this advantage)
  • Longest Drive (Women): Hole #4
  • Longest Drive (Men): Hole #12
  • Longest Putt: Hole #18
  • Closest to Pin: Holes #3 & #13

Hole-in-One Prizes-

  • Hole #3: Gift TBD
  • Hole #7: Gift TBD
  • Hole #13: Gift TBD
  • Hole #15: Gift TBD



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